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  1. The character played by my brother @bjnovak dies a humiliating death set to rad music composed by my brother @jesseno
  2. We see a multi episode story about @IkeBarinholtz and his hot new bod
    I'm not a writer @mindy but maybe there is a problem with his biceps and he needs to be constantly examined by everybody. Actually that's good maybe I am a writer whoa
  3. It turns out Jeremy is royalty yadda yadda yadda which leads to a cameo by the royal baby George
  4. Mindy meets a cool 16 year old girl from Newton and rescues her from the most boring life and brings her to Hollywood
    Wait whoops this was a pitch for real life
  5. Mindy orders a Bloody Mary for Danny at brunch, he goes into an extensive Danny rant about how it tastes like pasta sauce and he loves pasta sauce but not as a drink for breakfast
    best part about envisioning this is Danny saying "paasta sauce" over and over
    Suggested by @kira