People That I Am Going to Being John Malkovich

I choose to believe that Being John Malkovich is real and once you find the password you can go inside people's heads and become them. Beware beware beware
  1. Bethany Cosentino
    You are the lead singer of Best Coast and a fashion designer, so basically, Coachella is jealous about YOU? That's great I'm so happy for you!!! Oh one more thing: I WILL BEING JOHN MALKOVICH YOU
  2. Hi Mindy you're basically like family well at least you are in my mind and also I told everyone at school that. How are you? Just saying hi. Congrats on your amazing show and personality and hair and clothes and sense of humor and confidence and hanging out with Ike all the time. Hope to see you soon. P.S. MALKOVICH MALKOVICH MALKOVICH bwahahahahaha
  3. Alexa Chung
    Wow your own fashion line and also you're a model who isn't boring looking and also you wrote a book and also the Arctic Monkeys singer is obsessed with you? That's so cool. By the way I WILL BEING JOHN MALKOVICH YOU
  4. Whoa you are hilarious and apparently a wonderful person and everyone's hero and probably have a lifetime HBO GO Password. Is that a lot of pressure?? Don't worry because I WILL BEING JOHN MALKOVICH YOU
  5. Mrs. Barinholtz
    Wow you are married to @IkeBarinholtz he must be such a fun husband and such a fun dad to your beautiful kid! I bet that is a fun experience for you. I mean was - MALKOVICH MALKOVICH MALKOVICH!!!
  6. Charlotte Gainsbourg
    You think you're SO beautiful and SO elegant and SO effortless and have SUCH a clear deep soul like the kind of ocean you can see right to the bottom of, don't you? Oh, you don't? Well guess what I do and now I just want to be you more. MALKOVICH MALKOVICH MALKOVICH