A lot can happen in five years! Five-years-ago Keri wouldn't recognize my current life. List inspired by a Frank Ocean Tumblr post.
  1. Congrats on moving in with Tim!
    Not to freak you out, I know you've only been living together for a few months, but you're gonna get married in about three years. You'll be afraid the day won't live up to the hype but it's the best day of your life, hands down. Mozel!
  2. You're totally gonna get that promotion at BCBG!
    Yup! Almost double the pay and they're gonna give you money to move to New York! Tim is on board to move with you and you'll spend about a year living in Williamsburg and you'll go to a few of the same fashion shows as Anna and Grace!
  3. Then you're gonna hate it and quit and move back to LA!
    The job atmosphere and people will suck and you'll get down to a scary 98 lbs from not eating and decide to quit and move back. You'll have no money and no car for like 6 months and you'll have to take the bus to a job you don't really like. It's a long ride and one day someone pees on your foot.
  4. You stay at the job you don't like for three years!
    It's not that bad, it eventually pays well enough so you can buy a convertible AND the Vera Wang wedding gown of your dreams, and you make one real close friend that you still hang out with(looking at you @JP).
  5. You become besties with Sophia Rossi!
    She's everything! You're so nervous to meet her you chug wine to relax but you'll instantly click. She inspires you to live a fuller life. You end up hiking more and practicing hot yoga. You take classes at Mood and refocus to get back into fashion and writing. She reminds you everything is possible and is such a dope friend to you and Tim.
  6. Then you go back to work at BCBG!
    Except this time you like the job more but make less money. It's still a total win because you're doing something you love (thanks to Sophia being a huge guiding force).
  7. You get pregnant and move to the Valley!
    The baby is due soon. You gained more weight than you thought you would but you're carrying it well so don't worry. Tim is still the angel he started out as, and you just bought a house in Northridge. Don't freak out - it's not that far from your friends and it has a pool!
  8. You're happy! Good job, kid!
    Also, Bj starts an App (it will make sense in a few years) with this really nice guy named Dev, and that is how I'm communicating with you, past-self.