This memory of the Ninja Turtles on Oprah has bothered me for years and I finally took the time to google it today.
  1. I was a casual fan of the show but pretty excited about the movie for some reason
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    Much like a 1990's Entourage? Possible new list topic? Too late, the internet has already made this joke, apparently.
  2. I was about five years old and was smart enough to know these were men in costumes
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  3. HOWEVER, the kids in the studio audience seemed pretty convinced this was real and they were like MY AGE and I was baffled that they didn't know better.
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    Look at this idiot.
  4. ESPECIALLY because instead of having turtle feet, the guys in the costumes were wearing SNEAKERS!
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  5. SNEAKERS!!!
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  6. And they weren't even appropriately sized for their turtle feet!
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  7. How was ANYONE falling for this!?
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    This kid gets it.