My baby is almost a month old and yesterday I left the house without her for the first time.
  1. I wore my skinny jeans and heels
    My jeans are tight, but they fit again. My body doesn't look the same underneath my clothes, but I'll get there. I haven't worn heels in about 6 weeks. I felt wobbly, but not carrying a baby meant I had the freedom to wobble, and that was nice.
  2. I got in my convertible
    I've only driven Tim's SUV since we had the baby because it fits the car seat. I missed my Mini Cooper more than I realized. I put the top down and the radio loud since there were no baby ear drums to worry about. Top forty never sounded so good.
  3. I drove about a mile to Smart and Final
    I forgot my bags, but with no baby bump or baby in tow, no one offered to help me. I realized this was the first time in months that strangers don't associate me with a baby. Just a random, single woman at a store.
  4. Then I went to Walgreens and bought stuff for the baby and candy bars for me and Tim
    The candy bars melted on the short ride home, so I put them in the fridge then totally forgot about them. I guess the real treat was the trip itself.
  5. The whole trip took about 25 minutes
    That's the longest I've been without her in about 45 weeks. She's been in my belly or not far from my arms for so long already. I don't think I'll ever really remember what life was like before her.