I'm a Technical Designer at BCBG and work primarily on accessories. Here's some of my favorite pieces you can shop now!
  1. Multi-Layer Novelty Chain Necklace
    This is also available in an Imitation Rhodium (silver) finish, but I love Rose Gold for summer. The rose gold color standard we used for this collection took multiple meetings to select, so I promise it's the perfect shade. Each individual chain length was held to a measurement standard of 1/16th of an inch, so it will lay perfectly over your favorite easy blouse.
  2. Baguette Stone Necklace
    I initially rejected so many samples of this necklace because the shades of blue stones they used weren't perfect. The final product is exactly what we wanted. I wear a lot of black, and love how the electric blue plays against it. We adjusted the length a few times but finally settled on this fit, which will work with most necklines.
  3. Plate Chain Necklace
    Available in two color ways. I was seriously obsessed with the silver and matte black, but I'm also a sucker for anything chunky and gold. Both edgy and minimal, and can be worn causally or to cocktails.
  4. Celestial Charm Necklace
    I rearranged the charm placement about three or four times before our Creative Director signed off on this. It's definitely more of an everyday piece compared to more of our statement pieces, and ties in the rest of the collection with mixed metal finishes on the charms.
  5. Pave Triangle Earrings
    Again, I'm a sucker for edgy and minimal. The bottom row of triangles is a removable piece that is worn behind the lobe for a floating effect. You can wear the single triangle stud alone, or wear the bottom row on one ear only. Would love to see someone with multiple holes rock these with other studs.
  6. Pave Chevron Ring
    This ring looks really high end but is only $68. I've already worn mine a ton and always get compliments. Even though it's pretty large, it's still lightweight and flat against the finger so it doesn't get caught on things, which makes it easy to wear to work. Available in Gold and Imitation Rhodium finishes.