1. If you're over age 12, you're too old for pig tails
  2. If I die and you need advice, ask your dad and Sophia. His advice will be logical and hers will be emotional. Split the difference and there is your answer.
  3. Always do your own blow-outs and you'll always have sick arms
  4. Don't take shit from anyone, not even me
  5. Never go tanning, just wear bronzer
  6. Learning about things that interest you is never a waste of time or energy
  7. It's better to try something and have it not work out than to wonder what if. This goes goes for haircuts, too.
  8. Always look a little nicer than you need to. Looking your best will never work against you.
  9. Always try harder than you need to. Doing your best doesn't work against you either.
  10. Being a woman is hard but it's fantastic. All the best songs are about women.
  11. Don't wear bathing suits that show too much of your butt. Let people wonder.
  12. I will try to steer you to safer relationships, but it's ok to date the bad boy or be friends with the bad influence girl for a little while. (You'll know when enough is enough)
  13. Spend at least a year living on your own. Your own bathroom. Your own kitchen. Even if the place is tiny, it will be all yours (credit to my mom - I still miss my place on Pico and 11th...).
    Suggested by @jcrusius