The Photo I Posted on Instagram, and the Others I Did Not

*This list is inspired by @julseas's hunt for the perfect Alpaca Moment.
  1. Here is the photo I posted after a visit to the Storm King Art Center, an Instagrammer's haven in October. This was, as all things on my feed are, a #latergram.
  2. Here is option 2. Too much happening here! There's art, there's a lumberjack and there are leaves. Where am I supposed to look? Cut.
  3. Another try. Note the human playing gymnast on top of the sculpture. ("Please don't touch or climb on the art.") But the photo is too dark. Not enough foliage. Moving on.
  4. This one has nice color. Let's be honest: It will probably live on as a #tbt. But it didn't seem to show the SCALE of the foliage.
  5. I like this guy a lot, but he wasn't into posing. And who posts photos of their loved ones, anyway? Cut.
  6. Ok, fine: I posted this one, too, just now. One wasn't enough. Storm King is too Instagrammable. Go there! Go quick, and go 'gram.
  7. Back to the chosen photo. We have leaves of all colors. We have art! And little humans admiring the art. I love the grass in the foreground and the marshmallows up above. I spent about five minutes selecting emojis for the caption and 💥 BOOM. Instagram complete.