Random bullshit that you should find totes FABULOUS
  1. A very blurry pic of the other half and his other half. I love the fact that this pair have been together since being 5. And to top it all off, Ben is one of my best friends now 😘
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  2. probably drunk, deffo naked
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  3. We got engaged in Stockholm and when we got back there was a surprise welcome home for us. It was the most amazing surprise I could ever imagine for. And then when it all died down and we went to bed, I pulled back the covers to find all this confetti 💕
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  4. In two weeks we go to my oldest and bestest friends hen do. Being the selfish bitch (lolz) she is, she's broke her foot. So this is an idea for her hen weekend.
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  5. Trying on wedding dresses innit. I was too fat to fit in to the one I wanted to try so the amazing assistant made the dress for me. Try to guess whether I picked it or not
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