My Favourite Lines From Knocked Up

I fucking LOVE this movie
  1. "I can show you Meg Ryan's bush"
  2. "I buy these nice towels, and he whacks off in to them"
  3. "She looks smart" (it's really all about the tit grab hand motion with this one)
  4. "You look like Robin Williams knuckles"
  5. "Julianne Red Bush Moore"
  6. "I'm pregnant" "with emotion?!"
  7. "He's playing fetch with my children"
  8. "You're just a doorman. Doorman. Doorman. DOORMAN"
  9. "You're too old. Just for this club, not for the world. Can't have a bunch of old pregnant bitches running around here"
  10. "Was your vagina drunk?"
  11. "They spelt coming wrong. Oh it's cum. That's disgusting"
  12. "My, you do look like your sister"