Yes I am aware I am so far behind but I got here in my own time
  1. He defiantly did it....
    Why isn't he kicking off more about this injustice? He seems so nonchalant. Seriously how can you not have sat there and pieced together that day in an attempt to get himself out of this? I don't think it was premeditated though. But then surely you'd admit it wasn't to try and get a lesser sentence, especially as the death penalty could have been a possibility.
  2. Actually, maybe he didn't do it....
    He didn't have his car or phone all day, he was at school. The small amount of DNA they found is surely just from previous being in her car. He's previously displayed no behaviour that would lead people to believe he is capable of this.
  3. I feel bad for thinking he could be guilty for not seeming to kick up a fuss about the situation
    Seriously after all these years in prison I suppose you have to let go of that negativity or it'll eat you away. Plus, anything he says will be used against him in a retrial.
  4. It's so unfair that he'll never be up for parole because he maintains his innocence and therefore is seen as not repenting.
  5. It's stressing me out how much more Jay clearly had to do with it and how he seems to have gotten away with murder.
  6. I can't believe the procedure was to brief those arrested and discuss what they'd talk about first, before any type of recording was made.
  7. He shouldn't have gone down based on the evidence given in court.
    How can a jury honestly say that they had no reasonable doubt that he murdered her?!?!