That awkward moment when you're sat in work bored shitless considering ways to injury yourself enough to result in two weeks signed off so you can lay in bed watching box sets. Please add your own in as I am always looking for a new box set to moan that I haven't got enough time to watch.
  1. Luther- British crime drama starring Idris Elba nuff said
  2. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia- potentially one for me to watch on my own, the other half doesn't get my addiction to US comedy
  3. Catastrophe- I literally shout at the tv adverts "stop showing me what happens, I need to watch series 1"
  4. Flight of the Concords- I've watched this sporadically. I want to binge on it
  5. This is England (and all the subsequent years that follow)- technically This is England is a film, but I've not watched it and I'm reliably informed the series that followed are boss. I need to watch things in order, therefore the film is on the list
  6. Freaks and Geeks- I've read countless articles proclaiming the travesty that was its cancellation. Seth Rogen is my dream man and I have a massive crush on Busy Phillips. Netflix trolls me by making this only available in America
  7. Peep Show- again a bit of a grey area as I have watched most episodes. However, I want to watch them in order for 105 hours straight and not get judged.
  8. Mad Men- I foolishly entered in to an agreement with my housemates that this would be the house box set. Unfortunately, all 4 of us are never in together often enough so we've only watched 3 episodes. I'm going to have to go rogue