Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. I screened shot this and sent it to my mother when she thought a raccoon was on her roof.
  2. This guys dresses up like a pirate and hangs out at the bar I work at Took the screenshot off Instagram.
  3. Trying to explain 80s Hair Metal to a coworker. Stryper for the win.
  4. For the love of Jake Ryan
  5. For a potential Halloween costume.
  6. Me on my Tulum vacation.
  7. The day Nancy Reagan died.
  8. Leo at The Golden Globes.
  9. Had to have this. So crazy.
  10. What my friends new haircut looked like.
  11. The best I have seen for a friends going away party.
  12. My worst nightmare.
  13. RIP 👑
  14. My hero.
  15. I was Chewbacca for Halloween. My bestie from high school's daughter went through her Toys R Us catalog at Xmas and labeled all the Chewies "Ker".