Spinoffs I wish would have happened

What I want so far..
  1. Loser like me
    Spinoff from Glee: Follows the og new directions preferably while they were in NYC. Basically just a sitcom with singing, so I guess it would need to be an hour long.
  2. Kelly & Ryan
    Spinoff from The Office: 30 minute episodes following them and their relationship. The arguments, the adventures, everything we missed while watching the others. Because I've seen te deleted scenes so much of their relationship was left out. *cough* @mindy @bjnovak *cough*
  3. Guy Love or The Bromance
    Spinoff from Scrubs: Follows around JD and Turk's relationship before Sacred Heart
  4. Winward Circle
    Spinoff from Gilmore Girls: The spinoff which was supposed to hve happened for the character Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls