TV show characters I hate

Probably part 1, all I could think of right now
  1. Dean Foresstor
    Gilmore Girls - Scum, manipulative, had a weird relationship with Lorelai. Rory is literally scared of him - clearly an unhealthy relationship yet he is deemed as the perfect 'safe' boyfriend. (Rory actually says he made her feel 'safe', a clear difference of opinion between the writers and audience when is comes to Dean)
  2. Jenny Humphrey
    Gossip Girl - If you have seen the show, you know. How annoying can one character get?
  3. Logan Huntzberg
    Gilmore Girls - To quote Jason Mantzoukas 'He's garbage times a million'. Cheats on Rory, cheats with Rory. Being a member of the LDB is a crime in itself....the list goes on..... (but I must the character development of Season 7 was pleasing but to see it all undone in the revival was disappointing and he was occasionally funny, I guess)
  4. Rachel Zane
    Suits - Always whining
  5. Angela
    The Office - No one really calls her out on her own behaviour yet she passes comments 24/7. Extremely rude. But I still love her as a character sooo...