a list of only some reasons...
  1. Lack of Lane
    All I wanted was justice for Rosenthal's trainwreck of a storyline for here but nooooo
  2. Lack of Jess
    We were promised 3 eps, yet only saw him in 2. Not cool Amy. Not cool.
  3. The ending
    It would have worked at the end of season 7, but doesn't fit now
  4. Rory
  5. The uber joke
    Got really old, really quick
  6. Rory walking into a interview with 0 ideas
    Yes, it seemed like she was going to get the job, but how can you say you are a journalost have NO ideas wtf Rory¿
  7. The full circle bullshit
    ASP no one and i mean NO ONE wanted the characters to end up like their parents that exactly what the orginal run explored so how did they all end up like their parent
  8. Luke and Lorelai still not being able to communicate
    It's ridiculous tbh
  9. Paul
    Paul deserved better. 3 year relationship and she had to have note to remind herself to dump in. Also he was a sweet guy who was treated badly by all. Am I supposed to root for Rory?
  10. Lorelai still having an attitude towards Jess
    Get. The. Fuck. Over. It.
  11. How have Rory and Jess not seen eachother in that long - unrealistic
  12. Dean's ending
    Dean was trash. How can Rory look back on that relationship and not seen that he truly was the worst. He did not deserve her kind words. Smh.
  13. Jess not being a Luke and Lorelai's wedding
  14. The undoing of Logan's character development
    He was everything he didn't want to be
  15. All the cheating