Albums that changed my life

  1. This is the first album that I remember owning. I don't know how or why. Cowpunk is still good, though.
  2. Their cover of "See that my Grave is Kept Clean" is the best song I've ever heard.
  3. I'll probably lose my hearing 5 years earlier than I ought to due to my loud replaying of this album throughout highschool. Finding hardcore music for myself was a big deal for me.
  4. I remember this album coming out, and listening to it in repeat as I drove my white, 2000 Saturn LS to and from trombone lessons at U-M. This album contains memories of both breakups and happier things.
  5. This was my second introduction to Mark Kozelek's music, which has had a huge impact on me. I cannot imagine living the past few years without the sound of his guitar or the honesty of his narration.