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Inspired by @Veronique
  1. Yam baby
    I had a rash in the hospital...I swear I became cute
  2. I think I posted this already, but yes
    Becky with the good hair returns
  3. I went hard with snapchat
    This is yearSSS old
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  1. omg so excited
    What am I getting myself into?
  2. Holy shit I need to go to the gym
    🎧 you can buy your hair if it won't grow, you can fix your nose if you feel so, you can buy all the make-up that MAC can make..🎧 #damnunpretty
  3. I'm famished
    This Jordan's Almonds will do. 😐
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  1. ET
    Idk if it's a children's movie being that there is a terrifying looking extra terrestrial with weird feet squishing around but damn, I cry every time. And I have an ET tattoo now.
  2. Now & Then
    I just wanted to be one of the girls. Those clothes! Those bikes! The music! Devon Sawa❤️. But obv their storylines were (could be) relatable
  3. The Chipmunk Adventure
    After the boys AND the girls traveling the world in blue and pink hot air balloons (respectively), they realize money is more important than family and safety...errrr I mean family and safety is more important than money
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  1. Because minions and lil bow wow CDs are normal things to have in your car
  2. A good find from Grindr
    Uhhhhhhhh Tina Belcher???
  3. I screenshot Tasty almost daily.
    Never make a single thing from it
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Inspired by @brittscott
  1. Angelina stealing Brad from Jennifer
  2. Philly always taking a seat behind LA, NYC, and Chicago.
  3. New York being runner-up, TWICE✌🏾️ on Flavor of Love
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  1. Only within the past few weeks, and usually on weekends aka Thursday through Sunday
  2. This can account for Monday through Thursday
  3. At my new job
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  1. Meryl Streep
    There was a woman at BAR who was literally her twin
  2. Jenny bi melissa
    She was bi and friends with my cousin melissa
  3. Ayo baked goods
  4. Don't answer(fake Comcast)
    Some asshole trying to scam me
  1. Making a time capsule full of THE most 90s things ever including LISTS😂 and burying it in my NE philly backyard. Might need to redo that list now that I'm an out and proud lesbian
Inspired by @danielleforte
  1. Best episode
  2. Ln's outfit
  3. Want
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  1. Me every morning
  2. Lesbians have strong jaws
  3. Just 'cause
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