Childhood movies that hit me hard

  1. ET
    Idk if it's a children's movie being that there is a terrifying looking extra terrestrial with weird feet squishing around but damn, I cry every time. And I have an ET tattoo now.
  2. Now & Then
    I just wanted to be one of the girls. Those clothes! Those bikes! The music! Devon Sawa❤️. But obv their storylines were (could be) relatable
  3. The Chipmunk Adventure
    After the boys AND the girls traveling the world in blue and pink hot air balloons (respectively), they realize money is more important than family and safety...errrr I mean family and safety is more important than money
  4. Home Alone
    Tbqfh, i think being home alone as a child is way more fun than going to Paris for Christmas
  5. Fly Away Home
    Because little Anna Pacquin teaches a bunch of geese to fucking fly! much inspiring.