Why I Hate My Birthday

  1. People don't realize that today is the day I was rejected.
  2. Today is the day I was abandoned
  3. Today is the day that everything that was safe was ripped away
  4. Today is the day the world said "no...don't love this one. Love a stranger"
  5. Today is the day that I was told you are not permitted to mourn the death of your parents. You should be happy.
  6. Today only comes every 4 years and everybody wants to know when I celebrate. I don't. For many reasons.
  7. All my life I had a recurring dream that my mother and I would reunite this day. Spent over 20 years searching and broke thru govt secrecy. Solved the mystery. She said she always sent a special wish "up to me" in this day. Yet, she wants nothing to do with me. I thought it hurt before. It's worse now.
  8. Today is the day I sit alone in silence. Waiting to wake up tomorrow so I can get on with life.
  9. Today sucks.
  10. I hate today.