im not a performer. but if I had to step up to the plate here's what i'd demand...
  1. Kraft macaroni and cheese
    4 boxes- 2 white cheddar, 1 three cheese and 1 classic. You combine those 4 in one. You got yourself a 👌🏼 hybrid.
  2. 1 chocolate croissant
    preferably one where the chocolate is evenly distributed throughout the croissant. i can't emphasize enough how often it happens where 1/4 of the croissant has all the chocolate smh
  3. an Xbox One
    just so i can take it home w me. i really want one and it'd be cool to get it for free
  4. I'll throw in a PS4 while I'm at it
  5. a couple of sweatpants from Alternative. i really love their sweatpants but they're soooo expensive.
  6. Dining room table
    I just moved, and that's the missing piece to the puzzle.
  7. some 2% milk for that choc croissant up there
  8. Capri Sun
    any flavor. listen, I'm not famous, I can't be picky.
  9. every Shark Tank already on a dvr
    so I guess I need a dvr and a tv in there as well
  10. a Shark Tank
    bc that would honestly pump me up. looking at a real life shark, having a quick one on one, before stepping on that stage to shred?? cmoooon. doesn't get better than that. @jackantonoff knows what I'm talkin about!
  11. can you put 'someone to do my taxes and laundry' on these things?
  12. a consistent job
    w a 401k, full health benefits, and is soooo lax about me showing up and doing stuff.