you're all sitting there like "shit, he figured us out" 😎 until now, ill admit, i was unaware i was living in a constructed reality broadcast around the clock to billions of people. but i caught on, nice work everyone 😉
  1. i see the same strangers every day
    they pretend to not recognize me
  2. im the same person EVERY day.
    never been a girl, let alone another guy. it's always been me when i wake up
  3. im constantly under surveillance
    "it's 2015, cameras are everywhere." yeah right like i believe that. yall say its for 'security'?! nahhhh
  4. everyone is an actor
  5. my close friends get paid
    it might be from their 'jobs' but still, that could be a front. i think they're actors getting money to pretend to be my dear friends
  6. every time i quickly turn around and yell 'enough!' in public, everyone looks directly at me.
    that's like looking right at the lens smh. stupid extras
  7. i fell down the stairs the other day and someone came into the stairway to help me
    as if that wasn't a PA sent from production to make sure i was alright smfh. it's getting sooo obvious
  8. this world has the same problems day after day
    the news is a constant cycle of mass shootings, molestations, and bad leadership. nothing changes. so boring. new writers please! maybe some happy writers??
  9. people are always going places
    where is everyone going? everyone is always going somewhere. why? i constantly see people outside and in stores and such. so many extras. you guys are really wasting this seemingly huge budget.
  10. im pretty sure there's a 'backstage' somewhere here on this world
    surely there must be. this 'world'/set that im currently living in is a joke. there are people sleeping outside, and people sleeping in mansions. love the juxtaposition the writers are offering my perspective!!! but please this is so obvious a joke. in no real world would i see a homeless man sleeping outside of a mattress store.
  11. nothing makes sense
    bc everything is so stupid it must surely be a fake world.
  12. we're remaking movies
    i think this actually is the biggest clue. in what world would we remake movies in? we already have them, why not make a different movie? oh yeah, bc this is a fake world where i was chosen at birth to be watched by the rest of the world unbeknownst to me, so they have a limited amount of stories and they're just recycling at this point.
  13. you guys actually made 'The Truman Show'
    pretty big giveaway there!! as if I wouldn't see it and think 'hey maybe this is happening to me?!' that was a major slip up by whatever studio is doing this to me.