sometimes you just overhear some sad sad shit
  1. "did you get my text?"
    at work, 'email' replaces 'text'
  2. "you're so underrated"
    heard a boy say to a girl in 10th grade
  3. "can't wait to go camping"
  4. "i want to be a rapper"
  5. "im happy"
    no you arent
  6. "i love k-town"
  7. "please don't tell my girlfriend"
  8. "i have bible study tomorrow"
  9. "i really found my niche"
  10. "my wife's pregnant"
  11. "let's do lunch"
  12. "had a lovely weekend w the kids"
  13. "gotta network"
  14. and any 'sigh' in a public restroom