Just some things to use when you find that special someone ;)
  1. A large cow
    An ancient dowry that is still acceptable today
  2. An unmarked bag full of an undisclosed amount of coins
    What's better than money? A large cow probably
  3. The World is Not Enough: Collector's Edition
    Pierce Brosnan's final appearance as Ian Fleming's James Bond, a mostly rogue MI6 agent. Special features out the wazoo!
  4. A nice pair of jean shorts
    Jorts have been in and out of fashion trends for years, but now they're back on the rise. Take advantage of the trend while it still lasts!
  5. Pot brownies
    Nothing says "welcome to the family" like getting some dank weed, double fudge, taking the in-laws out to your log cabin in the woods, and getting high as a kite!
  6. Casino Royale: 3-Disc Collector's Edition
    Daniel Craig's first and most notable appearance as Ian Fleming's James Bond. This includes behind the scene access to the best James Bond movie to date.
  7. Three goats
    Self explanatory. Make sure none of them are Black Phillip though.
  8. A nice handmade booklet of Free Hug coupons
    The more hugs you give, the less meaning they have, so make sure your in-laws feel special every time they get one for free ;)
  9. Shaun the Sheep
    This is Paul's favorite movie, so you know it's probably the best one out there
  10. A sheep
    Sheer this bad boy/girl twice a year and get some warmth or sell for like 20 bones a pop.