Apartment for Rent. Serious Inquiries Only

Ask @Ders808 and he'll tell you, there's nothing better than spending a summer in Madison, WI. Unfortunately I cannot so my apartment is up for grabs. 5 bedroom apartment. Comes furnished with views from two balconies (see photos). The asbestos is treatable and it should be fumigated before entry. Prices start at 4,000 a month but it's negotiable.
  1. Beautiful balcony for you and your friends to kick back, grill and share a cold one.
  2. Beautiful leather couches provide the apartment with an elegant decor. Not to mention a great place catch a quick nap. (Riley fixes things, but not included).
  3. Were you dreaming of a white Christmas? Look no further. Our couch stuffing provides a cozy feeling for those cool summer nights. ( @bouggg also not included).
  4. Got a little one with big dreams of becoming an athlete? This apartment comes with a hockey/baseball/ soccer/ golf/ wrestling training wall! 4,000 dollar investment to see your kid play in the big leagues is a no brainer.
  5. Additional view off the front balcony. Law enforcement and the police department are nearby so you always feel safe.
  6. Even has an indoor jungle gym!