Assuming you have IOS8 and not the Poverty iPhone 4... @bouggg ... Let your iPhone predict a list. Add on, I want to see what your life prison (mobile phone) is thinking.
  1. I'm not going anywhere near the border
    Somewhat offensive thought. Borders are only an imaginary line dictated by "the man" to benefit the corporations. Man.
  2. I'm at work today I am a big deal
    ...nah that kid sits at his desk reading whatever articles are supported by internet explorer 7. Google hardly works he's been using Bing. No one's a big deal in the corporations Siri WERE ALL PAWNS PART OF A BIGGER GAKE
  3. I just want to go back to sleep and wake up
    Woah. Deep Siri
  4. I'm so happy to see my baby
    iOS 8 knows something I don't know
  5. The fact I can get it right away with a lot more fun
    That's cocky
  6. The fact that you are not in my head hurts so bad
    The Pain of getting over you hurts? This sounds like a lyric from Jesse McCartney
  7. I love the fact that you are the only thing that would have to go home
    @callahan MISSES HIS MOMMMM. what a loser.
  8. I'm so tired but can't be a little more than one million dollars to help
    Or a nap.
  9. The new version of this month in a statement that he had been on Twitter
    Suggested by @callahan