an incomplete and highly biased list. cutoff around 2010 so I don't include something like The French Connection, which you all already know is great
  1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    thrilling in an artisanal way. the cast is up there with the best of any spy movie ever made, esp. Oldman and Firth
  2. Source Code
    one of the earliest installments in the Gyllenaissance, the second movie by Moon director and former Zowie Bowie Duncan Jones, and rightful heir to the legacy of La Jetee and 12 Monkeys
  3. Looper
    Rian Johnson could direct an ant farm and I'd pay to watch it and that ant farm would probably reinvent ant farms
  4. Killer Joe
    this lost McConaughey Classic is directed by William Friedkin, written by Tracy Letts, and plays like Harry Crews got drunk on 40s of Olde English and tried to fight Cormac McCarthy
  5. Spring Breakers
  6. Only God Forgives
    wanna fight?
  7. Haywire / Side Effects
    Steven Soderbergh is a living saint. Side Effects in particular is one of the best Hollywood thrillers EVER MADE
  8. Killing Them Softly
    subtle as a branded tweet, but an expertly shot and executed crime movie nonetheless. and some top-notch Brad Pitt hair
  9. Stoker
    a tasting-menu dinner of taboos and camp and amazing acting. terribly underrated Nicole Kidman performance, and Mia Wasikowska is quietly one of the best actresses, and Matthew Goode could con God
  10. Compliance
  11. Enemy
  12. Blue Ruin
    revenge is a dish best served by a bearded, incompetent drifter
  13. Snowpiercer
    Allison Pill should've gotten a Best Supporting Actress nom for this. I am very serious
  14. Whiplash
    my tempo
  15. The Guest
    this movie is so fun the GOP wants to make it illegal
  16. Gone Girl
    what if you woke up and David Fincher was standing next to your bed
  17. Nightcrawler
    Gyllenhaal was robbed of Best Actor for this, but DID YOU KNOW that Dan Gilroy wrote the script as one big run-on sentence? he did! it's great!
  18. John Wick
  19. Night Moves
    Kelly Reichardt maintains tension better than ANY OTHER director currently working
  20. '71
    a perfect chaser to Patrick Radden Keefe's outstanding New Yorker article about Gerry Adams possibly disappearing Jean McConville
  21. The Heart Machine