this goes from worst to best, because I appreciate suspense and foreboding. editor's note: all denim clothing is good
  1. jackets that match your pants
  2. fanny packs
    (unless you're attractive in a Kanye West fashion-show runway-model sort of way, in which case move this to #1)
  3. visors
    (if you come into possession of a denim visor, you instantly become Kid Rock's mom)
  4. hats
  5. shoes
    (if you have denim shoes, please mail them to me, it doesn't even matter what size)
  6. hats with corduroy visors
  7. Vests
    Suggested by @hillary
  8. shirts with white snap buttons and that weird little curlicue embroidering on the chest
  9. plain dark-wash shirts
  10. plain dark-wash shirts but like, the ones that Band of Outsiders sells you for $200 once you're officially successful
  11. jackets that don't match your pants
  12. pants
    (denim pants are sometimes incorrectly referred to as "jeans")
  13. cutoff denim pants, aka jorts