be great
  1. it is much easier to drink water out of a pint glass than a water bottle
    if you drink water out of a pint glass, you will drink SO MUCH more water
  2. if you can arrange a type of working-out that requires you RSVPing from your phone, you'll find yourself committing to workouts as a form of procrastination, and THEN you'll find yourself going to the workouts so you don't lose face, and then you'll work out a lot
  3. blend spinach with either a banana or honey and some Greek yogurt and some coconut water or almond milk AT HOME and you will save a million dollars and become Popeye
    a fistful of spinach a day will make you feel like god, even if just for the sense of accomplishment
  4. keep a Google Doc of all the movies you watch and books you read
    it will actually motivate you to read more, because there's a sense of accomplishment in adding that book to that list. (tremendously childish, and remarkably effective!) and it's great to be able to look back on what you've seen and read and have a context for your habits. it's also just fun?
  5. go see a dermatologist, just once
    this is mostly for dudes, since women are smart and know to take care of their skin, but unless you have a preternaturally marble famous-person face, it's really worth one visit to just be like, hey! what can I do to make myself look kempt and not like a child!
  6. send things through the mail
    to women. or men. whoever. it is thrilling in an archaeological way and the person who receives your letter or book recommendation or charming piece of earthenware will probably fall in love with you
  7. floss
    seriously, FLOSS