tired of cold coffee and talking about how nice the weather always is and will be until you die? try these dates instead!
  1. go to Griffith Park and invent stories to tell tourists about the Hollywood sign
    here's a freebie: "did you know that Tom Cruise lives in a little room in the crux of the W?" best story wins the date
  2. dress up as construction workers and help repair a building on Sunset
    be sweet and let your date steer the crane
  3. walk from Culver City to North Hollywood
  4. go house-shopping in Eagle Rock
    there's no better way to break the ice than immediately taking on a mortgage and moving in together
  5. operate a gondola in the Venice canals
    good for old-fashioned romantic types. added bonus of possible profit
  6. stage a mock-debate at the Silver Lake Intelligensia
    potential topics include: city politics, religious beliefs, favorite sex positions, pour-over strats
  7. do a bunch of ketamine and perform at UCB
    have fun coming up with a goofy team name! ideally, don't cry
  8. channel the spirits of Old Hollywood stars in an abandoned house in the Hills
    make sure it's abandoned, please
  9. day-drink tallboys in Good Times at Davey Wayne's backyard and then uber to Night and Market Song and eat Thai food
    if your date orders a High Life, she's the one