suggested by @julia, who understands me on a cellular level. this is a deliberately incomplete list, suggestions are welcome
  1. Punch-Drunk Love
    god-level pillow talk; possible proof that being in love is the only thing that matters
  2. True Romance
    do you only need to be a hero to one person? yes
  3. Wild at Heart
    Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern are like that first time you ate eggs in a taco
  4. The Spectacular Now
    teens should be legally protected from themselves. like lying on a trampoline with your high school girlfriend and crying because eventually you'll have to get off the trampoline
  5. Ain't Them Bodies Saints
    for when a letter just doesn't quite cut it
  6. Like Crazy
    just the name of this movie makes me pavlovianly start browsing flights to New York
  7. What If
    true love will find you in the end, and when it does, you'll eat the most decadent of sandwiches
  8. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
    there is a three minute scene in this movie of the Girl and the Boy dancing in black-and-white under a disco ball in her bedroom and if I could turn it into a juice and drink it every morning I would pay any stupid price
  9. Her
    this is my favorite documentary
  10. Enough Said
    Those scenes of self-sabotage are too real.
    Suggested by @teo
  11. Silver Linings Playbook
    Suggested by @samboyd
  12. Ruby Sparks
    Suggested by @MirandaBerman
  13. Obvious Child
    Suggested by @MirandaBerman