these are all movies from the last few years that I think were either unfairly underappreciated or wrongly panned. they may also be indicators of my bad taste. the heart wants what it wants
  1. The Comedy
    this might be the best movie yet about the solipsism and obnoxiousness of certain aspects of our culture. it's very funny, but in the kind of way that doesn't make you laugh. it looks great. Tim Heidecker's a meteorological event. it has James Murphy in it. I could go on
  2. The Counselor
    oh my god it's so unabashedly absurd and unhinged and Brad Pitt wears a cowboy hat and Michael Fassbender seems to be inventing his American accent anew every time he opens his mouth and the dialogue all sounds like a translation of a Jacobean revenge play and there's a great moral center to it all, literally what's not to like
  3. Drinking Buddies
    I sincerely believe that this is one of the very few top movies of the decade so far, I think mainly because of how nuanced and complex the relationships are between its protagonists. the best heir to Broadcast News our generation has yet
  4. Only God Forgives
    it's beautiful and elegiac and haunting and mythological and Gosling's performance is brilliant in its unflinching stoicism. like a weird Greek play set in Thailand. I totally get why a lot of people hate this movie, but if you think it works, it really works
  5. Side Effects
    actually a flawless thriller. FLAWLESS
  6. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    a mechanically pristine and narratively athletic spy thriller that never shows its hand and yet is still more than clear about itself. people who complain that the movie is impossible to follow are confusing themselves with their expectations; what's happening couldn't be more straightforward
  7. Warrior
    the best sports movie since He Got Game. Tom Hardy in this movie looks more like the Hulk than that CGI shit in The Avengers
  8. Killer Joe
    this -- not True Detective; not Interstellar; not Dallas Buyers Club -- is McConaughey's best role. also: William Friedkin! Tracy Letts! it's so weird!
  9. Killing Them Softly
    deep in the hole for my boy Andrew Dominik, but I do think everything that's happening here has way more depth and style than people initially gave it credit for, particularly after they'd been turned off by the (admittedly overbearing) presidential-election stuff. the acting here, between Gandolfini and Ben Mendelsohn and Pitt and Richard Jenkins, is aces, the script is top notch, and there are some shots that are legitimately astonishing