5 times, Florida out Florda'd itself - as seen by Kevin Stamper.

  1. When a Florida woman claimed to have gotten surgery to add a third breast.
    When you have to be comfortable in a bikini, might as well be custom made.
  2. When that same 3-boobed Florida woman was arrested for a DUI.
  3. When the infamous 3-booked woman was found to be a fake to the disappointment of no one.
    And we're right back where we started.
  4. When a guy threw an alligator into a Wendy's drive-thru window. The four things we love converged: odd forms of road rage, oversized reptiles, fast food and shortening words to nearly words like thru.
  5. When a man got Lime Disease (not Lyme's Disease) from juicing limes for a margarita in heat of the sun. The pairing of the heat and the citric acid lead to 2nd degree burns. Again, Florida is good at making that is actually a serious thing into something much less serious and avoidable all for the sake of consuming alcohol in the middle of the day.