1. People who correct you when you call a full grown dog a puppy
  2. Moving sidewalks at airports
    Literally the most extra fucking thing ever. Inefficient, waste of energy, and I'm sure other countries make fun of us for it.
  3. Papparazzi
    1) The name 2) Do people really pay that much for celebrities just walking down the street?? Do you tell your family you are a journalist??
  4. Overpriced blenders
    A smoothie is a smoothie and a magic bullet costs $19.99 plus shipping and handling
  5. Earning interest on money in the bank
    This is actually a positive one. It seems like they shouldn't pay us for just using their service but no complaints here!
  6. The Minions obsession
    They aren't cute or funny. Also the fact that Sandra Bullock was in The Minion Movie makes me want to cry
  7. Jellyfish
    Make 0 sense. How did natural selection fuck up that bad @ charles darwin