I have watched almost every single one of Trump's speeches since his June 16, 2015 announcement speech. An interesting feature of his speeches is that every one has the same points, but he follows one into the other in different ways.
  1. Hillary and Jeb complain about my tone. We need tone right now.
  2. We're gonna make our country rich again.
  3. We're gonna win so much, you're gonna get tired of winning.
  4. We are going to save Social Security and Medicaid by getting rid of the abuse and waste and making our country rich again.
  5. I will bring our jobs back.
  6. I will take care of our vets.
  7. I will make the military so strong, we won't ever have to use it.
  8. Nobody will be tougher on ISIS than Trump.
  9. I actually think I could get along with Putin.
  10. We're gonna have a wall, and it's going to have a big beautiful door in the middle of it.
  11. Obamacare is a disaster. The deductibles are so high, you need to get hit by a truck to use it.
  12. We're losing on trade.
  13. Our leaders are stupid.
  14. Their leaders are much sharper and more cunning than our leaders.
  15. I respect the _ people. But our leaders are stupid.
  16. I'm number one in every poll.
  17. The press is so dishonest.
  18. Pan the cameras out back there so you can see how large this crowd is!
  19. Carson, Jeb are low energy.
  20. Rubio and Jeb are fighting in Florida. They hate each other.
  21. Hillary should be in jail.
  22. I'm self funding. Jeb is a puppet to his donors.
  23. My new hotel at the Old Post Office in Washington DC is being built on time and on budget.
  24. Hillary Clinton is the worst Secretary of State in US history.
  25. Carly Fiorina destroyed HP.
  26. I said, take the oil. And everybody thought I was being mean.
  27. I did - probably - the number one selling business book of all time, The Art of the Deal.
  28. I had the #1 show the Apprentice.
  29. I built a wonderful company.
  30. I am worth in excess of ten billion dollars. And I say this not to brag but that this is the kind of thinking we need to make our country great again.
  31. Everybody said, oh, he won't run. then they said he won't file his papers.
  32. I actually wanted to file my papers, even if I wasn't running, to show how rich I was.
  33. I'm suing Univision.
  34. This campaign is peanuts for me in terms of money I'm giving up. but I'm giving up a lot of money.
  35. I will have the best negotiators for us. I know them all. I know the good ones. I know the overrated ones. Carl Icahn will handle China for us.
    Editors' note: Icahn is an anagram of China.
  36. I just sold an apartment to the biggest bank in China for 15 million dollars. Of course I love China.
  37. I never went bankrupt.
  38. NBC wanted me to renew the Apprentice. I told them no. Mark Burnett told me I was crazy.
  39. They are devaluing their currency at a rate you wouldn't believe. They are laughing at us! And I respect them.
  40. Free trade is fine but only when you have smart people.
  41. I will be the greatest jobs president that God has ever created.