Black Rock City is done for another year. All the porta potties will have been picked up, acres of trash fence rolled up and crews of workers will be scouring the landscape for MOOPy (matter out of place) feathers, gum wrappers and shattered burner minds. I've attended five times since 2008 and can't say enough good or bad about it.
  1. Thinking about how many sunburnt, chapped asses will be stopping at the Walgreens on the way home for potions and lotions.
    Because Glitter Camp.
  2. Hearing new burners tell life changing stories about the experiences that changed them for the rest of their life...until the next music festival.
  3. Sleeping, cooking, eating and playing outside for a full week. Because when was the last time you watched and cheered every sunset, spotted and tracked the moon and stars across the sky, and partied til sunrise in a snuggle pile of furry, loving friends.
  4. Radical self expression, inclusion and self reliance are just three of the principles of Burning Man and real Burners really do live it. They are some of the most positive, passionate, ambitious, loving and generous people I have ever met.