most are really dumb
  1. name a dog "Dorota" after the maid in gossip girl
  2. own a collection of funny or really adorable mugs
    Troy and Abed in the morning ✔️ anthropology mug with my initial ✔️ about 12 more to go
  3. host movie night every week as I aesthetically lay pillows and blankets all over my apartment floor and invite my closest friends
  4. own a fair amount of succulents
  5. wear one of those those long sheer robes that glide across the floor as if I'm a queen
  6. own a book that isn't written by a comedian or actor
  7. be a part of an improv group
  8. have a friend(s) that are willing and excited to write scripts with
  9. always have perfect nails
  10. have a blog that kind of makes fun of blogs but is also updated frequently with funny essays or actual helpful articles AND CUTE PICTURES THAT MAKES MY LIFE LOOK WAY BETTER THAN IT ACTUALLY IS
  11. have a movie club
    like a book club, but for movies. either in person or online where I make new friends that I am a little skeptical about their personal lives
  12. put my hair in hair rollers so it's not always a hot mess (minus the hot and triple the mess)
  13. try my hand at chair modeling
    You don't have to be tall for that? right?