Things I Hate

  1. adults that use the phrase "rap crap"
    congrats, you're old and have a strong hatred of such gangster music
  2. when something embarrassing happens and a stranger tries comforting you
    just mind your own business and pretend like it never happened, unless you can make a famous meme out of it, then by all means talk about it
  3. adults that want to talk about "my future"
    yeah, I'm talking to you, lady from New York that got all pissy when I said I was interested in a conservatory that you "never heard of"
  4. animes that aren't absolutely adorable
    come on Japan, you are the cutest country ever, more sailor moon please
  5. people who say they hate pickles or coconut because of the texture
    you are missing out my friend
  6. iPhone games that suck the productivity right out of me
    "no, I wasn't able to get my homework done...I was busy gardening to protect my house from zombies"
  7. one-day-only inside jokes with strangers
    if I befriended you for the day and we develop an inside joke... what am I supposed to do with it later...