I drove from Clovis, NM to New Bern, NC. I listened only to podcasts and 1 Peter Gabriel song. It was "Red Rain".
  1. Joe Rogan hates wild pigs
    3 of 4 Joe Rogan Experiences I listened to he talked about wild pigs and how they're dick. I agree with Joe Rogan.
  2. Desert Island Discs
    ZAHA HADID HAD "HOTLINE BLING" ON HER LIST! Most bad ass moment in the program's history. RIP to her.
  3. Men In Blazers- Gyasi Zardes interview
    I wish I loved anything as much as Roger Bennett loved chatting with Gyasi Zardes
  4. Trainer Road Podcast
    Lots of technical info but was thrown off by their dismissive talk about a ketogenic diet but it'll be a staple for me
  5. The Cycling Podcast
    I LOVE THE SPRING CLASSICS!!! Seriously, I'd rather watch Tour of Flanders or Paris-Roubaix than a TdF stage up Alpe d'Huez