Why I Road Trip at Night and Stop Nowhere

America has a lot to see. Sadly, really none of it is in the area west of the Appalachians and east of the Rockies
  1. Traffic
    Truckers are professional drivers and get that the left lane is for passing only
  2. Scenery
    I'd rather drive across Oklahoma when I can't see the nothingness that's there
  3. Podcasts
    Ok, you can listen to them during the day but why?
  4. BBC World Service on @npr stations
    I love the world service. Last time I made this drive I listened to Zaha Hadid (RIP) discuss the Middle East and art
  5. Southern States aren't cool with green plates
    I drive a Subaru wagon with VT plates. I don't carry a gun. I limit interactions so I'm not called a "Yankee" by a toothless hag named Maud or her husband Jed. Also, since after the Civil War, when you say "Yankee" the correct term is "Ass-kicker"