1. Champagne doesn't care what you are wearing
  2. You can spend your girls night in with them...
  3. Or your girls night out!
  4. But it will never blow you off for a "boys night"
  5. Champagne always leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy
  6. Champagne will always make you feel confident
  7. Champagne will always comfort you after a bad day
  8. It's not that difficult to find
  9. Champagne doesn't care if you're on your period
  10. ...and when you run out, you can always buy more!
  11. It never forgets to text back
  12. Champagne will watch whatever you want on tv
  13. You can always express your feelings to champagne...
  14. And champagne will never judge you
  15. Champagne will always be there for you, through the ups and downs!