My Internal Aspirations After Attending the Mother Earth News Fair

I attend multiple Mother Earth News Fairs across the country for work and at the end of each fair, I have the same aspirations. They are as follows.
  1. I want to own chickens. And likely ducks. I want to name them and love them and be a kickass urban farmer.
    Yeah. They should also play soccer with my kids.
  2. Why don't I ferment more? I love pickles. I should ferment pickles. I am failing at life.
    I will find time to pickle everything.
  3. Did I mention I also want goats? What kind of urban farm is it without goats?
    Enough said
  4. And bees. For the honey. And the pollination. I need to save the bees!
    But I am so scared of them.
  5. I will make goat cheese. And goat wool socks
    Step one. Learn to knit. And make cheese.
  6. I could really stand to have a square foot garden. Or a straw bale garden. Or both.
    Learn to know kill all living things by accident.