Things I want to accomplish before 2016 ends (a reverse New Years resolutions list)

  1. Learn to drive standard
    I've tried at least five times and always end up having a mild panic attack and yelling at my ever-patient husband who is just trying to teach me. It's dumb that I don't know.
  2. Make a quilt
    It doesn't have to be the least bit good, but I want to finish one and know if I even like it.
  3. Finally take a girls trip to Montreal
    We have been talking about it for years. I can't wait to relive my youth. And bagels. And poutine.
  4. Paint the rocking chair
    Seriously guys. I bought that thing like 6 years ago with great intentions. Time to paint it.
  5. Visit Brimsfield antique show
    Again, I've been talking about it for yeeeeeaaaarrrrssss. Time to just go. Also, think of the amazing photos
  6. Three words. Legit birthday party.
    Actually throw myself a birthday party. And enjoy it.