habits: grad school edition

when you're too busy thinking about psychology to do anything different
  1. ordering the same thing
    sometimes this is because there's only one vegetarian thing on the menu (ahem, starbucks breakfast), but most of the time it's because I'm afraid of spending $$$ on mediocre food
  2. wearing the same shoes
    I love buying shoes, but I hate deciding which ones to wear each morning. so I go with the tried and true favorite for my feet -- birkenstocks
  3. wearing the same clothes
    now I'm just too lazy to pre-plan outfits. so I wear mostly black everyday. there's beauty in the everyday uniform...
  4. making the same foods
    I cycle out of wanting and not wanting trader joe's gyozas constantly. same with breakfast burritos.
  5. going to the same places
    mostly for work...office, loud forest, crepetown.