songs I want on the soundtrack to the film adaptation of my life

under the assumption that wes anderson will write and direct (owen wilson can help too)
  1. "I Am Waiting" -- The Rolling Stones
    when I'm reunited with my love interest after a misunderstanding that leads to a temporary separation
  2. "Self Control" -- Frank Ocean
    lovelorn depression montage, cause no one does it better than frank
  3. "Lets Get It Started" -- Black Eyed Peas
    statistics montage? I feel like there'd have to be a montage of me figuring out how to do stats.
  4. "Leaves That Are Green" -- Simon and Garfunkel
    I really like the harpsichord in this song, a great aging/seasons changing song. I'd probably be walking to class with leaves falling around me, smiling contentedly
  5. "Bizarre Love Triangle" -- New Order
    conference dance party, when I lock eyes with my initial (bad) love interest and rush to make out with them at the 3:30 minute mark
  6. "Rainy Days and Mondays"-- Carpenters
    morning montage during depressive sequence, or showing my life before I meet the love interest that will Change Everything
  7. "Roll Away The Stone" -- Mott the Hoople
    confident walking through conference montage, with at least one hair flip between "roll" and "stone"
  8. "Life Itself" -- Glass Animals
    vague party/friday night/🔥 montage...a series of shots, toasts, bad dancing