I show it to my senior Philosophy in Literature class after discussing the Myth of Sisyphus and reading The Stranger.
  1. Ned Ryerson
    Let's face it: every "Ned the Head" scene is comic gold. The overly long hug and the suckerpunch both brought the house down.
  2. "Are you up for adoption?"
    Who knows? Maybe all kids want Bill Murray as their dad.
  3. "Too early for flapjacks?"
    I think they just liked the idea of trolling cops.
  4. The Pennsylvania Polka
    Still singing it three weeks later.
  5. The radio announcers
    I got "Don't forget your booties 'cause it's COLD out there, campers" as an answer to a reading quiz question on Hesse's "Siddhartha" this week.
  6. Nancy Taylor
    The dudes in the class loved the way Phil scams on her. (They think they're suave as hell.)
  7. Ned Ryerson (again)
    Needlenose Neddy: "Am I right? Am I right? Am I right?"