I've been seeing the band since '96. Here are my Top Five.
  1. 12.11.97
    Rochester War Memorial (Rochester, NY) My fourth show and still my favorite. If you've seen "Bittersweet Motel," you've seen footage of the excellent Roses are Free debut, but the mileage that the second-set Ghost travels before settling into a reprise of Down with Disease is simply breathtaking and the highlight.
  2. 12.30.98
    Madison Square Garden (New York, NY) My favorite second set of all time: Disease > Piper > Caspian, Coil > Slave and a Possum encore that incorporated a Wipeout jam. I don't play this set more than once a year for fear it might lose some of its magic.
  3. 7.25.99
    Deer Creek Music Center (Noblesville, IN) Rumor has it the Green Crew wrote the first set: first-ever Meat opener, a Trey-sung Whipping Post, Makisupa with a CK5 light solo for his birthday. Second set is the stuff of legend: all-time versions of Birds of a Feather and Suzy, plus YEM and Purple Rain. A+
  4. 7.11.00
    Deer Creek Music Center (Noblesville, IN) The Moby Dick show, when the band wound the classic Zeppelin riff through nearly every song in the second set. 'Nuff said.
  5. 6.17.11
    Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (Charlotte, NC) Yeah, it's a 3.0 show, but it's the best I've seen since their return in '09 and has the feel of '93. Includes my first Forbin's > Mockingbird, a smoking Rock & Roll > Ghost, an Icculus, and a nice second-set Reba.