But actually, this is a Dermot Mulroney appreciation post.
  1. I am watching Friends for the first time.
    I didn't watch TV when it was on air
  2. And listen, we've established the Phoebe is the best person on that show hands down.
    I mean, come on.
  3. Chandler is the next funniest
  4. And I can't tell you how little I care about anything Rachel and Ross do. Their fights are ridiculous and I don't ship them at all
    Though I will admit that as much as I'm not into his character, David Schwimmer is a legit good actor. I mean, he really sells all the stupid shit he has to do.
  5. Ok, so Ross and Rachel have a baby.
    I get why they made this storyline, but 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  6. But in this episode Dermot Mulroney showed up!
  7. And if you tell me that Rachel chooses Ross over Gavin I will BURN SHIT DOWN
    He is sexy and hot and nice and they flirt!!
  8. And he's funny!
  9. Oh don't give me sad Ross face right after they kiss!
    Ain't here for it. Rachel gets to kiss Dermot Mulroney as often as she wants. It's a national service!
  10. And of course, Phoebe and Mike forever
    When he does the air piano on their first date!
  11. Ok, that concludes tonight's "Past Midnight Thoughts With A Girl Who Should Have Been in Bed Hours Ago"