Books I'm Donating

I'm moving, and so I'm having to cull my books (SADFACE). Here are some of the books that are getting donated to the library.
  1. The Ocean at the End of the Lane
    There's no author I want to like more than Neil Gaiman, but I can't get into him. I always find myself 200 pages into a book, thinking, "what the hell are we doing here?" So I finished this book and it was fine, but I can't get through American Gods, Anansi Boys, The Graveyard Book. Am I missing something? Can you enlighten me?
  2. The Right Brain Business Plan
    Not as right brained as I thought.
  3. Chakra books
    These were boring. Read "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss instead if this is a topic that interests you
  4. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
    Such high hopes, such whimsy, recommended by people I really like, but it was too.... whimsical. I never got bought in to any characters or the plot.
  5. Quiet
    I'm not convinced this needed to be a book. I think t would have been more powerful as a TED talk or an in-depth newspaper article.
  6. Various Financial books
    All fine, it's just time to let them go.
  7. The Alchemist
    I think if this is the first book you ever read about personally mythology it's good, but otherwise this shoves positive thinking down your throat in a really obvious way. I like my personal power books a little less... basic.
  8. Assorted relationship books
    (and yes, I know this carpet is gross. It's getting ripped up when I leave). David Deida is great in "The Way of the Superior Man" but he has a major editing issue in all his other books and they're not worth reading. Calling in the One is a great primer on resolving your own issues rather than searching for a partner to fix you.