Care Box Ideas for Your Friend Who is Moving

I just moved, and I did a terrible job organizing my car so that I had what I needed. I also did a terrible job of asking for help. So if you have a friend that's moving that doesn't need help packing or carrying boxes, you can still show love: just make them a little bag that can stay on their dashboard until they're all done and need it.
  1. Hand sanitizer.
    Their soap is gone and packing is a dirty job. When they hop in the car to start driving, they will want hand san.
  2. Face wipes
    See above. I love the Alba brand ones, but there are a lot of awesome options.
  3. Water
    At least 1L, but make sure it can fit in a cup holder
  4. Nuun tablets
    They're electrolyte tablets that work like alka seltzer. Drop 'em in water and you have a Gatorade-like drink without the syrupy taste. Believe me, if they're moving, they'll need to rehydrate.
  5. Snacks.
    Not too sugary, but everything helps. My sister in law got me a NatureBox and it was AMAZING.
  6. A nail file
    I broke four nails and two toenails and then they started catching on everything. These are from etsy ( but you can get them anywhere.